I’m a social designer and cultural researcher.

My design practice applies design principles to address social, cultural, and environmental issues. I’ve worked in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland for social design studios, international NGOs and more recently through my own consultancy. Clients have included local government and government agencies, international NGOs and change agencies, education and research institutes, and arts and culture organisations. (Refer to my studio website.)

I have been involved with organisations and networks promoting social justice and sustainability, as well as working in community youth development as a counsellor and performance educator. And, I have some 10 years teaching experience, acting as a lecturer, tutor and examiner within design programmes both in NZ and Australia.

My research interests follow my design practice, extending across social thought through to cultural and political issues. My masters research, ‘Brand value: the work of ecolabelling and place-branding in New Zealand’, based in geography and funded by a scholarship from the Ministry of Tourism, investigated intersections of place, sustainability and branding, critically interrogating the application of corporate branding at the scale of the nation-state, focusing on the NZ situation.

My recent doctoral research ‘Unsettling the Anthropocene: Experiments in dwelling on unstable ground’ undertook a hybrid investigation interrogating the human-nature relationship in light of critical planetary entanglements. Such themes lead ongoing research interest focusing critical attention on practices and cultures of creativity and innovation in light of planetary scale issues. Following concerns with the way experimentation is expanded to global scales, I am interested with what this means not just for humans, but for practices of collective designing and world-making.

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